Thursday, 30 October 2014

Take Apart A Dv5000 Screen

You'll want to take apart the DV5000 screen to replace the display, the inverter board or the display cables. The only time you need to take apart part of the bottom assembly is when you need to replace the display cable. Otherwise you can simply remove the display bezel to access the screen parts.


1. Remove the battery from the laptop to keep it from shorting the motherboard as you work on it.

2. Close the computer and turn it over so the bottom faces you. Remove the memory and PCI module compartment covers by unfastening the Phillips screws that hold them. Remove the Phillips screw in the battery bay under the battery. This screw holds the keyboard frame in place.

3. Turn the computer back over right-side up. Open the laptop and remove the switch cover that sits above the keyboard. Insert the flat blade of a precision screwdriver in the corner seam of the switch plate and lift it gently form the laptop. It is normal to hear the popping of the plastic tabs.

4. Slide the keyboard frame towards the computer screen and lift the rear edges until you can disconnect the cable connector by lifting the tab up slightly and pulling the cable free.

5. Pull up on the display cable to disconnect it from the motherboard. Look toward the center-right area of the laptop to remove the wireless antenna cables from the two clips.

6. Locate and remove the four Phillips screws that secure the display to the bottom assembly. These will be near the screen assembly where the switch plate was.

7. Lift the assembly from the laptop.

8. Insert the flat blade of a precision screwdriver and lift out the 8 rubber screws in the display bezel. Unfasten the Phillps screws that secure the bezel to the display.

9. Insert the flat blade of a precision screwdriver in the plastic seam of the display bezel and gently pry the plastic bezel from the display.

10. Remove the Phillips screws holding the display to the back panel and disconnect it from the inverter card by unplugging the two bottom display cables. Lift out the display with the cable disconnected from the motherboard.

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