Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hp Pavilion 310n Specs

The 310N is a desktop PC that was sold by Hewlett Packard in the United Stares and Canada. It is no longer in production. This machine was part of the Pavilion range that Compaq began in 1993. When HP acquired Compaq in 2002, it continued to sell and build on the Pavilion series.


The Pavilion 310N used an Intel Celeron microprocessor for its CPU (central processing unit). The standard version had a speed of 1.1 gigahertz, but an upgrade to a faster 1.3 gigahertz version was also available. The system came with 128 megabytes of SDRAM as standard, although a maximum of 512 megabytes could be supported.


The Pavilion 310N has just 40 gigabytes of storage space on a single hard drive. This was not a large drive for a desktop computer at the time, and by modern standards, it is very small indeed. Video, music and photos would quickly fill this space.


The Pavilion 310N had its graphics processing done by a chip integrated into the Intel 810e chipset on its motherboard. There was no option to expand this with a separate dedicated graphics card because there was no AGP (accelerated graphics port) slot.


The Pavilion 310N had a CD drive, floppy drive and modem. It came with two speakers, a keyboard and a mouse.

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