Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Install An Amd X2 6000 In My Hp M7640n

Upgrading the processor will improve computer speed.

Sometimes the factory processor that comes with a computer is not as fast as you might want it to be. For example, an HP Pavilion M7640N includes an AMD 5000+ processor, and you may like the computer itself but want it to be faster. In this case, it makes sense to replace the stock processor with one that is more powerful. Most computer stores and repair centers are ready and willing to do this for you. If you prefer to do it yourself, the process is straightforward.


Access Processor

1. Disconnect all cables from the back of the computer.

2. Touch something metal to discharge any built-up static electricity.

3. Lay the computer down, flat on its side.

4. Remove the screws at the rear of the case holding on the side panel.

5. Slide the side panel back about one inch, and pull it away.

6. Push back the tabs holding the fan duct to the chassis using a flathead screwdriver, and pull it away.

Replace Processor

7. Disconnect the processor cooling fan power cord from the motherboard. This will be the only cable connected to the processor fan.

8. Locate the brace holding the processor cooling assembly in place. It will be latched on to the motherboard on either side of the processor.

9. Press down on the latch at the end of the brace using the tip of a flathead screwdriver and gently work it off of the tab holding it in place. Move slowly and carefully, as too much force can cause you to slip and damage the computer or injure yourself.

10. Unfasten the latch at the other side of the brace.

11. Pull away the processor cooling assembly.

12. Remove any thermal paste from the contact point at the bottom of the cooling assembly heatsink. Use a razor blade to scrape it away, then clean the area using isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel.

13. Lift the lever holding the processor to the motherboard.

14. Lift the old processor away from the motherboard.

15. Line up the new processor so that it is properly aligned for insertion into the CPU socket on the motherboard. You can do this by matching up the triangle in the corner of the processor with the one on the socket.

16. Insert the processor into the socket. Be gentle when you do this, as the pins on the bottom of the processor are delicate. It should take no force to put it in place.

17.Lower the lever at the side of the socket and lock it into place.

18. Apply a small amount of thermal paste to the processor and spread it across the raised surface with your fingertip. You will need a dab about the size of half of a pea to cover the processor adequately.

Reassemble Computer

19. Place the cooling assembly back on the processor.

20. Reattach the cooling assembly brace to the motherboard.

21. Attach the processor cooling fan power cable to the motherboard. If you can't remember where it is supposed to connect, just look for a connector labeled "Fan."

22. Reattach the fan duct to the chassis by sliding the tabs back into their slots.

23. Slide the side panel back into place and replace its screws.

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