Monday, 6 October 2014

Install A Pentium 4 Heatsink & Fan

The Intel Pentium 4 processor uses a combination heatsink and fan assembly that plugs into the motherboard over the top of the processor to keep it cool so it can run properly. The heatsink assembly locks into the motherboard with plastic tabs on the corners and locking pins on two sides of the top of the assembly. You can install a new Pentium 4 heatsink and fan assembly in about an hour with some basic tools.


1. Turn the computer off and unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet before attempting to install the Pentium 4 heatsink and fan assembly. Unfasten the screws on the back of the computer case with a screwdriver and remove the computer cover. For most PCs, you'll use a Phillips-head screwdriver.

2. Turn the computer over on its side carefully so you can access the heatsink assembly. Move the cables and wire connectors out of the way without disconnecting them so you can reach the heatsink assembly.

3. Unplug the electrical wire connector of the existing heatsink assembly from the motherboard and lift the levers straight up on both sides of the assembly. Slide the tabs over on all four sides of the heatsink assembly with a small flat-head screwdriver and lift the assembly off the motherboard.

4. Place a small amount of thermal compound over the existing Pentium 4 chip with a syringe and spread the compound over the face of the chip by hand. Install the new Pentium 4 heatsink and fan assembly into the motherboard over the computer chip and verify that the tabs have locked in place on all four corners.

5. Lock the levers in place on both sides of the new heatsink assembly and plug the electrical wire connector into the motherboard. Set the computer case back up so it is standing on its feet.

6. Slide the computer cover over the case and secure it with screws in the back. Plug the power cord of the computer into the electrical outlet and power up the computer.

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