Thursday, 16 October 2014

Find My Motherboard Specs

A computer's motherboard is the main circuit board to which all other peripheral devices must be connected. A computer's processor and RAM interface directly into the motherboard, while things like hard drives and disk drives connect to the motherboard through wires. Since motherboards differ significantly in what type of hardware they can support, determining what type of motherboard is installed in a computer is important before making upgrades to things like RAM, video cards and processors.


1. Locate your computer's manual. If your computer came with a manual, it should have detailed information about all components of your computer, including the motherboard.

2. Go to the website of your computer's manufacturer. Computer makers like Dell, HP and Gateway release computers with specific model numbers, which all have the same internal components. By searching for your computer model on your manufacturer website, you should be able to find information about your motherboard, of even find an online version of your user manual.

3. Open the system information screen. Go to the start menu and right click, "My computer," then select "Properties." This will bring up an information screen, which will have basic information about your computer model and hardware.

4. Download and run CPU-Z. CPU-Z is a commonly used computer self diagnostic tool that is free to download, and does not require installation, so it leaves no trace on your computer's registry. Just double click the .exe file in the download, and it will produce information about your motherboard including: vendor, model, BIOS model and graphic interface (see the Resources section below).

5. Search online for your specific motherboard model. If you don't have a computer made by a big manufacturer, try searching for your specific motherboard model number. You should be able to find the website of the manufacturer that makes your motherboard, which will have information about your motherboard and other support.

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