Thursday, 2 October 2014

Identify An Amd K7 Cpu

Identifying your computer hardware is a much easier task than most people realize. Using the great support provided by AMD for all the processors they have manufactured, you can identify which AMD K7 CPU is in your computer without even opening the case. Using this information, you can be properly prepared for successfully upgrading or replacing your current AMD platform.


1. Download and install CPU-Z, a free hardware-identifying software package (see Resources below).

2. Double-click the CPU-Z icon that was placed on your desktop during the CPU-Z install. Upon execution, a CUP-Z window will appear that shows detailed information about your CPU and various other hardware.

3. Take note of the the boxes labeled "Name," "Codename" and "Package."

4. Navigate your Web browser to the AMD processor identification page listed below in the Resources section.

5. Use the information taken from CPU-Z to select your K7 processor information in the drop-down menus to filter out unwanted results. After entering all the information, your CPU will be listed with a link to all AMD specifications for your K7 processor.

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