Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Replace The Fan On A 775 Processor

Your processor generates a lot of heat that must disperse from its surface through a cooling fan.

Socket 775 processor cooling fans take up plenty of space inside a computer system. Because of their bulkiness, these coolers attach to the motherboard, using holes outside of the CPU socket, instead of the socket itself. To efficiently cool your processor, you should replace your fan only with another socket 775-compatible fan. Other fans may not have the cooling capacity necessary to do the job and may damage your processor.


1. Disconnect your computer's cables and turn it around so the rear faces forward.

2. Remove the two or three screws on the back of your case attaching the right cover to the chassis. Lift the cover off the computer.

3. Turn each of the knobs located on the cooling fan on the top side of your motherboard so the arrows on the fan point toward the fan. Disconnect the fan's power cable from the motherboard, and then lift the fan off.

4. Wipe the surface of your processor with a dry cloth. Replace the old paste with some new thermal paste made of ceramic or some other highly conductive material approved for socket 775 processors. Put just a drop of paste on the processor and spread it around until it covers the entire processor surface. Add more paste, if necessary.

5. Take your new fan from its packaging and mount it on top of your processor. Push down on each of the fan's pins and twist them so the arrows on the knobs separate from the fan. Close up your computer and turn it on.

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