Thursday, 9 October 2014

Install A Dynex Cpu Power Supply Pack

Dynex 24 pin connector

A Dynex CPU Power Supply Pack is a way to power various types of personal computers. Dynex CPU Power Supply Packs are typically only used in ATX computer enclosures and cases. The ATX design standard for cases calls for a uniform-size computer case, motherboard and power supply and has done much to streamline the process of DIY computer building. Dynex CPU Power Supply Packs are made in wattages as high as 500w and are more than capable of powering most modern systems built on the ATX platform.


1. Open up your ATX case and remove the existing power supply if one exists. Hold on to the screws you obtain during this removal. Remove the Dynex CPU Power Supply Pack from the box and position it in the area of the case in which the power supply is designed to go (typically the upper rear end of the case).

2. Use either the screws from the previous power supply or the ones supplied to you in your Dynex CPU Power Supply Pack to screw in the power supply.

3. Connect the component you've already installed to the Dynex CPU Power Supply Pack. Locate the main power connection found on most motherboards, a 20+4 pin connector, and plug the corresponding cable into the motherboard. Also locate the 12V(P4) connector and subsequent cable and connect it. Additionally, plug in any peripheral connectors provided.

4. Use the power cord supplied with the Dynex CPU Power Supply Pack and plug it into the back of the power supply, which should be flush with the back of your case. Plug the three-prong power cord into an outlet that has reliable power. Flip the switch on the power supply. If your motherboard is getting power, a green light may come on depending on the manufacturer. Press your computer's power button, typically on the front of the case. If your motherboard is not receiving power, and your computer does not turn on you need to go back and check to make sure all your connections are correct.

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