Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Find Dell Computer Parts

Dell computer parts can be found by using the Dell online replacement part tool. This tool allows you to find compatible parts quickly and easily. Instead of shopping at other sites, you can be guaranteed to find the correct part by shopping at Dell. Each part also comes with detailed installation instructions so computer users of all levels can replace their Dell parts. Parts are provided to replace existing parts and to upgrade your Dell as well.


1. Visit the Dell Upgrades site in the Resources section. Choose "Home & Home Office" if you're a home user. Choose "Small Business" or a link from the "Business" section if you're a business user.

2. Click "Analyze System" or enter your service tag. Your service tag can be found on the back of your Dell's tower or underneath your Dell laptop. To use the "Analyze System" button, you must be using your Dell computer and have Internet Explorer as your browser.

3. Choose a category for your parts from the provided drop down list. Some categories will have sub-categories to choose from as well. If you want all available parts, leave the main category list as "All."

4. Browse the available parts. You can click each part to view more information about it. Click "Order Now" to purchase the part. It will be shipped within 1 to 2 weeks unless otherwise specified.

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