Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Install Drivers For A Geforce Fx 5200

Installing the drivers for a video card is quick and relatively painless.

The GeForce FX 5200 is an entry-level graphical processing unit from nVidia that was first released in 2003. Being an entry-level device, the video card lacks the power of other cards in its "family," but its cheap production cost means a cheaper consumer price. Installing drivers for this video card is a simple task and once they're installed, they never have to be updated.


1. Download the drivers for your video card by going to nVidia's website (see Resources section). Depending on your Internet speed, this can take up to several minutes.

2. Double-click on the installer file. This will open a new window with a small box in the middle.

3. Click the "Next" button in the box in the center of the screen. This will change to a "terms of service" screen. Read through the terms of service and agree to them.

4. Click "Install" to install the drivers to your computer. The installation takes only a minute or two.

5. Restart your PC to complete the installation.

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