Monday, 20 October 2014

Install Ram In Msi Wind

A gigabyte of RAM can be added to the MSI Wind.

The MSI Wind is a small, low-cost laptop computer. Unlike many computers in its class and price range, the MSI Wind has two slots for RAM modules rather than just one. This allows you to upgrade the existing RAM module with a second one without needing to remove the existing module. Install extra RAM in your MSI Wind to bring added speed to the system, particularly when several programs are running at the same time.


1. Turn the MSI Wind off and remove the battery. If the power cable is connected, remove it as well. Turn the MSI Wind over so that the bottom faces up.

2. Remove all of the small Phillips-head screws from the bottom of the MSI Wind. Nine screws must be removed in all. The screws are extremely small. Place the screws in a dish or other container so that they will not be lost.

3. Pull the bottom and top halves of the MSI Wind apart. You may do this with your hands, or alternatively with a small, thin object such as a flat-head screwdriver. If you pry the halves apart with a tool, place the tool in the plastic seam between the two halves and twist carefully. Plastic clips hold the MSI wind together internally. As you pull it apart, you may hear snapping noises. This is normal. When the plastic cover is removed from the bottom of the MSI Wind, the main logic board is visible.

4. Locate the strip of black and metallic tape on the logic board of the MSI Wind. This strip covers the memory expansion slot. Note that inside the slot, there is a small plastic tab, slightly off-center. The tab indicates the direction that the RAM upgrade module should face.

5. Orient the RAM module so that the notch on the bottom faces the same direction as the tab inside the RAM slot. Push the metal contacts on the bottom of the RAM module into the slot with the module held at a slight angle. When the metal contacts are fully in the slot, press down on the top part of the module until it clicks into place.

6. Place the bottom half of the MSI Wind in its original position and replace the nine Phillips-head screws. The computer is ready to use.

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