Friday, 17 October 2014

Find My Car'S Make & Model

Find My Car's Make & Model

In regard to automobiles, the term "make" refers to the manufacturer of the car, while "model" refers to a car's unique classification. Identifying the make and model of a car is usually very easy, as most cars have identifying emblems on the car's exterior. There are several ways to determine the make and model of a car, even without exterior identifiers.


1. Check the exterior of the car for emblems that identify the car's make and model. If you find a logo but can't identify it, search for the make online (see Resources). The model is usually featured on the exterior, and may be a word or number. Examples include "Cavalier," "626" and "F-150."

2. Check the glove box for an owner's manual or other documentation that may identify the make and model of the car. For example, an oil change receipt may have the information printed on it.

3. Check the VIN number against a comprehensive database. The VIN number is a long code that's engraved on a metal plate on the driver's side dashboard, next to the windshield. Search for the VIN number online to find the make and model (see Resources).

4. Seek the help of a car expert or enthusiast. Ask your local mechanic to identify the car. Alternately, upload a picture of the car to an online forum to see if an auto enthusiasts can identify it (see Resources).

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