Monday, 20 October 2014

Replace Blackberry Motherboards

Replace Blackberry Motherboards

A Blackberry is a type of handheld multimedia device that is like a personal computer in the palm of your hand. Much like a computer, a Blackberry uses an internal motherboard system. If the motherboard gets damaged or becomes nonfunctioning, it will be necessary to open the Blackberry and replace the motherboard. You can choose to have a professional repairman change this internal component, or you can save your money and simply replace this piece yourself.


1. Remove the battery by sliding the back covering off of the device and then prying the battery pack up with your fingers.

2. Unscrew the screw located at the top and right corners of the Blackberry. Remove the plastic covering at the very bottom of the device directly under the battery pack. This is usually silver, but depending on what type of Blackberry you have it may be a different color.

3. Remove the right and left plastic borders of the Blackberry. After unscrewing the screws from Step 2 the sides will pop of very easily. Flip the device over and carefully remove the face plate and rubber keyboard and set them aside.

4. Unscrew the screw located at the bottom right and left of the front of the Blackberry. Locate and remove the right and left screws in the very middle of the device. Pull up and remove the main section of the Blackberry from the final plastic covering on the back.

5. Remove the keyboard from the front of the Blackberry, and unhook the two metal clips that hold down the screens plastic border. Remove the screen itself and set it aside. This will now uncover the Blackberry's motherboard.

6. Unscrew the motherboard and replace it with the new one. After reattaching the new motherboard, reassemble everything in the proper location by going back through these steps in reverse order.

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