Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Use The Asus Recovery Cd 1 0

Use the Asus Recovery CD 1.0

Your Asus recovery disk has all the basic information your computer needs to function. The recovery disk has your operating system and all of your basic drivers and system files. To use your Asus recovery disk you will first need to enter BIOS and change settings so your computer knows where to look for the recovery information. Using your Asus recovery disk can be achieved by following several steps.


1. Insert your Asus recovery disk then turn your computer on. Press "F2" to enter setup. Enter "BIOS."

2. Tab over to the "Boot" tab from the setup screen to enter the boot order properties.

3. Move the "CD ROM" option to the top of the list to make it your primary boot device. Your boot order is the order that your system uses to determine what source to boot from. You are setting this to CD ROM so your computer loads the operating system found on your CD instead of your hard drive. This will allow your recovery CD to initialize before your hard drive, so that you can load its content.

4. Press "F10" to save and exit BIOS and select "Yes" to confirm the changes you have made.

5. Reboot your computer to complete the operation.

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