Friday, 17 October 2014

Identify An Asrock Motherboard

Motherboards write the names of their manufacturers on the chipset.

Virtually every motherboard manufacturer puts its logo somewhere on the chipset of its boards. Asrock presents no exception to this unwritten rule, manufacturing motherboards in the same manner. Once you open your computer, the rearmost board mounted on it is the motherboard. As soon as you have a look around, you immediately can tell if the motherboard belongs to Asrock or not.


1. Sit the computer tower down on its side so that the left side front-wise faces up.

2. Remove all the cables from behind the computer and turn the unit around so that the rear faces you.

3. Remove the two or three screws located on the upper edge of the computer. This holds the access panel for the computer in place.

4. Pull back on the panel previously held by the screws until it slides about half an inch and lift the panel off.

5. Look down at the motherboard. Move any cables aside that block your view without disconnecting them and check the lower right corner of the board. If that area of the motherboard has a heat sink with "Asrock" written on it, your motherboard was manufactured by that company.

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