Thursday, 30 October 2014

Remove A Processor From A Laptop

Replacing a processor on a desktop computer is a simple matter, but it is not a simple task to do so on a laptop computer. Often, the processor on a laptop must be replaced with the mother board, and most laptop motherboards are proprietary systems. While in many cases buying a new laptop is the preferred method, occasionally a computer manufacturer produces a laptop where the processor chip can be removed and replaced.


1. Make sure your processor can be upgraded. Not every laptop has a processor that can be replaced. Many are soldered in. The user can find out this information by using an Internet search engine. Few notebook manufacturers sell chips and most of them prefer that the user buy new laptops.

2. Place the laptop on a static-free mat and remove the case. Now is the time take out the screwdrivers and examine the case. If you have a manual, the manual can tell you take the case apart.

Otherwise, removing a notebook's case is a matter of trial and error that varies from laptop to laptop. Take all the screws out of the laptop, and detach the keyboard. Disconnect all peripherals. Because many notebooks and laptops contain small and delicate parts, it may be necessary to use the tweezers during this process.

3. Locate the processor chip and remove it. The processor chip should be found quite easily on most motherboards. Be sure to pull the chip out straight and not to bend any of the pins or damage the socket on the motherboard. (This process is the same that gets used for replacing a processor on a desktop computer.)

4. Put the new processor (CPU) on the motherboard carefully. Be sure not to bend any of the pins. Taking the chip out and replacing the same chip are the only easy parts in the laptop CPU replacement process.

5. Replace the case. Reverse you actions from step 2, being careful not to break anything, because laptop parts are small and difficult to deal with. If the devices are not reconnected properly, the laptop will not work. Once the laptop has been put back together, plug it back in and enjoy your newer, faster computer.

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