Thursday, 16 October 2014

Install A Pentium 4 Processor In A Dell Dimension 2400 System Board

Installing a Pentium 4 processor can upgrade your computer's speed.

The Dell Dimension 2400 desktop computer has either a Celeron or Pentium 4 processor installed, which can run at between 2 and 3 gigahertz, depending on the specific options you chose. When the time comes around for a computer upgrade to match the rising system requirements of software, you can install a newer Pentium 4 processor for more speed. Before you can install the processor, you must open the computer and remove a few connected parts.


1. Turn off the Dell Dimension 2400. Disconnect the power cable and each of the remaining cords connected to the ports on the back of the computer's case. Place the computer on its side on a flat work surface.

2. Grab the latch on the back end of the case and pull it out to unlock the side panel. Pull the side panel to the left and lift it off the Dimension 2400's case.

3. Touch your fingers against one of the exposed metal tabs on the back end of the Dimension 2400's case to release the static electricity in your hands. Locate the plastic air shroud above the cooling fan and processor at the left side of the motherboard.

4. Lift up the air shroud and turn it clockwise to lock it in place. Disconnect the cable connecting the black cooling fan to the port on the Dimension 2400's motherboard.

5. Pull down the retention clip holding the cooling fan and heat sink assembly to the top of the processor. Lift the assembly upwards and remove it from the Dell computer.

6. Lift up the plastic arm located to the right of the Dimension 2400's processor. Grab two different corners of the processor and pull it straight up to remove it from the motherboard's socket.

7. Position the new Pentium 4 processor over the socket. Align the pins on the bottom of the processor with the corresponding holes on the socket and then push down. Push the plastic arm down to lock the Pentium 4 to the Dell's motherboard.

8. Reconnect the cooling fan and heat sink assembly. Plug in the cooling fan's cable and push the air shroud back into place. Reassemble the side panel and power in the Dell Dimension 2400 computer.

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