Monday, 22 December 2014

Find Motherboard Information On My Pc

A motherboard is crucial for your computer's functions.

A computer's motherboard is a critical component, serving as the central circuit board. It is necessary to find out your motherboard's information to take actions such as replacing parts inside your computer or updating drivers and BIOS that run different functions such as video and sound. Finding out your motherboard information may seem challenging since it's located inside your computer. But you don't have to open up your computer. Programs available online can determine your motherboard information with a few clicks of your mouse.


1. Open your web browser and use a search engine to find a motherboard information reading program. Three popular programs include Sandra, Everest and HWiNFO (see "Resources").

2. Install your program of choice and run it. Click on "Motherboard," or, if you are using Sandra, the button is called "Mainboard Information."

3. Wait for the program to gather the required information from your computer. Open the window that pops up to view your motherboard information. The window also shows additional information such as the number of memory slots, your chipset and your system's BIOS, which contains the codes that run your computer.

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