Sunday, 7 December 2014

Install A Hard Drive On A Hp Pavilion Notebook

Installing a hard drive in your HP notebook is easy.

The hard drive in your HP computer is the component which allows you to store collected information and media. Whatever is put on your computer is stored on the hard drive. It used to require computer disassembly to access the drive, but manufacturers now make it easy for the user to replace it. You can complete the process in only a few minutes.


1. Turn off your HP Pavilion, close the screen and turn the unit upside down.

2. Slide the battery latch on the corner of the unit to the side and remove the rectangular battery from its bay at the edge of the computer.

3. Locate the hard drive compartment cover on the bottom of the computer. Its placement varies depending on the HP notebook model, but it is usually labeled "HD." If it is not so labeled, simply use your Phillips screwdriver to remove all screws on each of the three compartments. In one will be the green memory module, in another the thin Wi-Fi card and in one will be the rectangular metal hard drive assembly.

4. Lift up the hard drive assembly from the side and slide it out of its compartment.

5. Remove the two screws on either side of the drive assembly and remove the metal frame from the hard drive.

6. Fit the frame over a new hard drive (available from any computer store or online) and replace the assembly screws.

7. Slide the new hard drive assembly into the bay in the computer and replace the cover and screws.

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