Friday, 19 December 2014

Update A Cpu Pentium 4

Upgrade with a faster Pentium 4, Pentium D or core duo processor.

Depending on your motherboard you can upgrade a Pentium 4 with another, faster Pentium 4, a Pentium D or a core duo processor. Be careful to choose a processor that is compatible with your motherboard. Your motherboard's manual will tell you the type of socket used and the type of processor your motherboard can accept.


1. Turn the computer off and unplug all the cables from the back of the case. Make sure to remember where they were located for easy reassembly.

2. Put the computer on its right side and remove the screws from the left side to open the panel and gain access to the inside of the case. Remove the processor heatsink after having unplugged the fan power cord from the motherboard.

3. Press down and outward on the level to open the socket. Remove the old processor.

4. Insert the new processor and close the socket.

5. Clean the bottom heatsink with rubbing alcohol to remove any trace of the old thermal compound. Clean it until mirror-like.

6. Apply a half a pea size bit of thermal compound on the processor and use a piece of plastic to spread it evenly on the surface.

7. Put the heatsink on top of the processor and secure it in place. Plug the fan power cable back on the motherboard.

8. Close the case and reconnect all the cables

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