Friday, 12 December 2014

Remove An Ecs Bios Chip

BIOS chips help your motherboard maintain proper communication with all of its devices.

Your BIOS chip controls the input and output coming from every single component connected to your motherboard. You may have to replace the chip itself if resetting the BIOS or replacing the CMOS battery doesn't work. More modern versions of the ECS line of motherboards may have a square PLCC BIOS chip. Older motherboards have a rectangular DIP-type chip.


1. Look at your BIOS chip for a grooved edge if you have a DIP chip. A PLCC chip will have one corner tapered off. This edge shows you the chip orientation. Orient all chips in the motherboard with the groove facing the same way.

2. Use your IC extraction tool and place the metal tips on each of the short edges of your chip if you have a DIP chip. Place the metal tips under diagonal corners on a PLCC chip.

3. Pull the chip gently with the tool, pressing it like a pair of tweezers. Pull harder if you encounter more resistance. Put pressure on one side when it gives you more resistance on the other to make removal easy. After you finish, place the BIOS chip on some Styrofoam or another material that doesn't attract static electricity. Alternate diagonal corners on PLCC chips to get more leverage.

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