Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Fix A Laptop Power Connector

A failed power connector on a laptop is replaceable with some expertise.

A failed power jack or connector on a laptop ends the computer's usable life until it is replaced. If you have soldering experience and know your way around under the hood of a laptop, this is a repair that you can do yourself. The parts are inexpensive and the method is simple if you have a good relationship with a soldering iron. Follow these steps to fix a laptop power connector.


1. Power down the computer and remove the power cord. Slide the battery lock tabs on the back of the computer and remove the battery.

2. Unscrew all the screws from the back of the computer case. Set them aside on a strip of the masking tape so they don't get lost. Lift the cover from the laptop gently, undoing any clips holding it in place.

3. Remove the motherboard from the computer and locate the power jack. It will be soldered to the motherboard.

4. Add some new solder to the solder connections between the motherboard and the power jack. This will heat the existing solder and make removal easier.

5. Heat each of the contacts with the soldering iron. Use the de-soldering pump to remove as much solder from each contact while heating it. Repeat with all the contacts until you have removed as much solder as you can.

6. Attempt to remove the power jack from the motherboard. There may still be solder connecting them, so wriggle it gently while heating the contacts one by one to release any solder. Do not force the removal as you can damage the terminals on the motherboard.

7. Apply a fresh coat of solder to the connectors on the new power jack. Using a toothbrush and the alcohol, remove any flux from the connectors on the motherboard and apply a fresh coat of solder to them as well.

8. Replace the power jack on the motherboard. Stabilize the motherboard and jack with something propped beneath it if necessary to avoid any gaps when soldering. Begin re-soldering the contacts.

9. Reinstall the motherboard with the new power jack. Replace the computer cover, install the battery and connect the power. Your laptop should now be ready to use.

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