Friday, 19 December 2014

Fix A Button On A Laptop

Check underneath the button to make sure none of the hinge components are missing.

It's only a matter of time until a key on your keyboard decides to go rogue. Keyboard keys are only attached by a few tiny hinges and a bit of glue, so don't fret when one comes loose or starts to wobble. Check the components of the button to make sure nothing is broken. If any parts of the key or hinges are broken or missing, you may need to order replacement parts.


1. Unsnap the key next to the button that needs repairing. Pry the button up with your fingernail or tweezers by pushing it from front to back. Don't worry if you need to use a little force but try not to rip the button off too hard. You don't want to lose any components by sending them flying across the room.

2. Look at the key spot that you just removed the button from. Notice the two plastic hinges that hold the button in place, and the little rubber cup in the center that gives the button its bounce. If any of these components are missing from your broken key, you will need to order parts to fix it properly (see "Resources").

3. Lay the hinges down onto the broken key spot exactly as they appear on the key next to it. There are four connections where the plastic retainer hinges on the keyboard. Set each corner into the notches on the keyboard and replace the key cap by setting it in place and pressing down until it snaps.

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