Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Use The Scanner On A Lexmark S305 Impact

Scanning your documents and backing them up electronically could cut cost at your small business or home office. You could back up your scanned documents to a hard drive, rather than maintain a large file cabinet. Or you could scan and email inter-company documents, rather than send via traditional mail. If you've only been printing and copying on your Lexmark Impact S305, you could be missing out on a money-saving opportunity.


1. Power the S305 "On." Press the "Power" button on your S305's control panel. Lift up the S305's scanner lid to expose the glass scanner bed underneath.

2. Place your document onto the scanner's bed. Orient the document horizontally and facing down. Press the "Scan" button in the S305's control panel.

3. Use control panel's "" arrow buttons to select an output location for your scanned document. You can send the document to a "Computer," "Network" computer, "USB Drive" or "Flash Memory Card." Press the "OK" button to confirm your selection.

4. Select the name of the computer or networked computer from the S305's menu, if you selected the "Computer" or "Network" option. Then, select a program to manage your scanned document. Use the arrow buttons to make your selections and the "OK" button to confirm them.

5. Use the "" arrow buttons to tweak the S305's scan setting, if desired. You can select the "Quality" option to adjust how many dots per inch (dpi) the S305 will use to process your scan. And you can use the "Original Size" option to specify the size of the source document. Press the "OK" button to confirm the selection of any menu option.

6. Press the control panel's "Start" button to begin scanning your document.

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