Thursday, 11 December 2014

Fix A Broken Xbox 360 System

Xbox 360 consoles are prone to heat-related stress that causes hardware failure

Xbox 360 game consoles freeze and display red light error messages when internal hardware failures happen due to long sessions of use, which cause high hardware temperatures that can harm the console. Heat-related stress causes freezing and red ring errors because of a design problem with the 360, in which the solder inside your machine can crack. The methods you can use to repair the 360 console involve examining and cleaning the console's internal components.


1. The solder under the chips in your Xbox 360's motherboard can be damaged by heat

Keep gaming sessions under 60 minutes so your Xbox 360 console can cool off. Xbox 360 system components become very hot when playing games or movies, which causes red light error messages. Xbox consoles are equipped with an internal fan, though it does not absolutely prevent heat-related problems. The RAM, CPU, and GPU chips inside the Xbox 360 need about 15 minutes to cool off, but taking this precaution may enable your Xbox 360 to perform better.

2. Fresh thermal paste between a chip and its heat sink will prevent heat stress and damaged solder

Unscrew the machine's case and place new thermal paste over the chips (both CPU and GPU) under their respective heat sinks. Heat stress can melt the solder which connects the RAM, CPU, and GPU chips to your Xbox 360's motherboard. Applying new paste creates more effective heat distribution and will prevent red ring errors in the 360 console.

3. The torx size 7 screwdriver will open your Xbox 360.

Unscrew the Torx screws inside the machine's plastic casing with your Torx size 7 screwdriver. Open the casing by firmly sliding outward. Examine the internal hardware components within the Xbox 360's case then locate its CPU and GPU chips. Remove the heat sinks by unscrewing them and then squeeze a bit of thermal paste on the top of the chips, spreading it evenly over the whole surface.

4. Replace the chips' heat sinks, return the torx size 7 screws, and re-connect the case on your Xbox 360 then turn on the console. The red ring error messages will then no longer be displayed and the Xbox 360 should work correctly.

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