Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Install A Graphic Accelerator Card

There comes a time in every computer user's life when he has to upgrade the graphics card in his PC. This could be because he can't play the game he just bought, or he has discovered that his old card has outlived its usefulness.


1. Unplug the computer and the cable connecting the graphics card to the monitor.

2. Lift off the top of the computer, and find the old graphics card.

3. Determine the type of slot on the computer's motherboard being used by the graphics card. It is either AGP (which is longer than the other slots), PCI (which is a "half-size" slot), or PCIE (which looks like a PCI slot, but is set further back on the mother board).

4. Purchase your new card, making sure it is compatible with the video slot on your computer's motherboard.

5. Unscrew the tab attached to your computer case that is holding the card in place.

6. Pull the old card straight up without hitting any of the other components in your computer.

7. Install the new card by gently pushing it into the slot vacated by the old one and screwing its tab onto the computer case.

8. Test the new card before putting the cover back on the case.

Tags: graphics card, your computer, computer case, computer motherboard