Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Fund School Music Programs

Music engages a child's mind.

Research has proven that students who study music have better language and math skills and better spatial-temporal reasoning. For these reasons, it seems fundamental that students take part in some type of school music program. Funding these programs, however, is not always a top priority in school systems that are trying to cut costs. Look for opportunities within your community, as well as nationally, to supplement funding.


1. Apply for grants at different organizations. Many places offer music program grants. Muzak Heart and Soul Foundation, The Mockingbird Foundation and Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation all offer music grants to public schools in need. Visit the organizations' websites to find the applications, grant requirements and deadlines.

2. Apply for federal funding through federal grants. The National Endowment for the Arts is a public agency that supports the arts in America. Try applying to, as well. There are several grants listed at this site. To find one that will fund your music program, type in the word "music" or "music education" to see a current list of available grants. There is also a list of agencies that offer grants. The Department of Education is a great agency to search under for music grants.

3. Hold a community-wide event, and charge admission to the event. Showcase the talent of your students by putting on a play, a musical review, a kids' carnival or a dance. Another event idea is to ask local restaurants to come together at a specific location to provide food samples to guests. Charge each guest an admission price. You earn money for your music program, and restaurants get to market themselves and may get new customers.

4. Ask local businesses to sponsor the music program. Place an ad for their business in the program anytime the music department has an event. The sponsor gets advertisement, a tax deduction on their donations and the opportunity to benefit their community.

5. Sell products in order to earn the money you need for your music program. There are many online sites that offer fundraising ideas and products. Schools all over the country have made thousands of dollars selling products like candy bars, wrapping paper, lollipops and SMART cards.

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