Monday, 15 December 2014

Fix A Gateway Solo Laptop

Like any complex piece of equipment, your Gateway Solo laptop will likely require maintenance at some juncture.

Fixing a Gateway Solo laptop can be a tricky process due to the myriad problems that can afflict your machine. However, many of the most likely problems on a Gateway Solo laptop can be repaired by anyone, regardless of computer experience and with only a Phillips head screwdriver. With your screwdriver in hand and a bit of patience, your Gateway Solo laptop can be fixed in short order and back to a working, functional capacity.


1. Turn off the Gateway Solo laptop and check its battery, which deteriorates over time (generally after 1000 charges on average) and may need to be replaced. Flip over the laptop and locate the battery's outline, which will be a horizontal compartment generally at the top center of the device, depending on your precise model. Right below the battery is the battery release mechanism, which when disengaged will pop out the battery.

2. Replace the keyboard if it ceases to function. Flip over the laptop and locate the keyboard-related screws on the back, which can be removed with a Phillips head screwdriver. These screws should be indicated by a small, keyboard-shaped icon.

3. Turn the laptop back over once the screws are out and remove the keyboard shield, which is located just above the keyboard and just below the display. Use a flat head screwdriver as a simple flat object to wedge under the ends of the shield to pop it off gently.

4. Pull the keyboard partially out to reveal the cable that runs from the bottom of the keyboard to the keyboard connector at the base of the Gateway Solo laptop. Pop this connector from its flat, horizontal position upward into its upright position, then pull the cable from it and remove the keyboard altogether.

5. Consider replacing the Gateway Solo laptop's screen if there is a display issue that cannot be repaired by adjusting monitor brightness settings or restarting your computer. Begin by taking out the screws that surround the laptop bezel and then popping off the bezel and removing it. With the bezel removed, two brackets on either side of the screen can be seen, with screws in each. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove these bracket screws.

6. Notice the inverter cable, which is located just below the screen. The inverter cable connector holds the inverter cable in place. Slide it into an upright position to disengage the inverter cable. The screen will be freed and can now be completely removed and replaced as desired. When reinstalling, remember to re-attach the inverter cable and all associated screws in the process.

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