Thursday, 11 December 2014

Make Cash Recycling

Here's the on making some extra cash by recycling easy common stuff


1. Recycling can be quite lucrative if you know what to look for and know all the little tips. I do it for several reasons. Here's how you do it and get paid!

You need to know what pays: Most common household items here is a list of common items.

Inkjet printer cartridges

Old cell phones

Soda / beer cans

Copper tubing and wire


2. The inkjet cartridges normally can be recycled online. Google inkjet cartridge recycling and look at a few sites, they should have a list or price guide as to what they pay for a cartridge. Some may have a minimum amount that you have to return. Printers ink carts. are common and can be found on trash day you may have old carts. lying around in the study or computer room. It's easy to ask friends and family to save them for you also.

The cell phones wok the same way as the ink carts and most of the time the site that buys back the ink carts will also buy the cell phones as well. Again shopping around might be a good idea so you can get the most cash for your items.

3. Aluminum cans are everywhere these days. We all crack open our favorite soda and drink it and toss the can when we're done. Well most communities have a recycling center that can be found in your local phone book. Round up your cans i.e. soda, beer, and energy drink. You can find cans all over some people recycle through the garbage company so they will be in a basket of some sort they can be found on roadsides. I like to crush mine down, they have crushers out there but stomping on them works just as well and it's free. Most recycling yards pay by the pound so the more the merrier. Bag them up and bring them back. This can also work with other types of aluminum as well. Ladders, aluminum diamond plate, cast aluminum and other types are all worth money. Each type of aluminum may be worth a different amount so check with your local recycling center for further information.

4. Copper normally pay well and is again paid for by the pound. The going rate can be attained from your local recycling center. We all see the TV's and other appliances on the roadside right? Well those electrical cables are made of copper along with extension cords as well. Most forms of wire have a copper core (some may have aluminum or other conductive metals so take care). Using the wire cutters clip the cable off or grab that extension cable cut the ends off. Now you can return them like that or you can go a step further and strip the wire to the copper core. It is a time consuming process and can get dirty. I do strip my wire and find I get paid better for it but you could take a lot of time to do it so weigh out if it is worth your time.

Copper tubing also is worth cash by the pound and can be found all over. Keep an eye peeled and you'll come across it.

5. Brass pays also by the pound, call your recycling center and get prices. Most common types of brass are valve assemblies from water pipes. I take off the handle with a screwdriver or a wrench and then bring it back. Some places pay for the brass shavings from laths and other metal cutting tools.

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