Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Motherboard Specifications For A C600 Laptop

Motherboard specifications can help you make the right laptop choice.

The capabilities of a laptop rely on the components built onto the motherboard. Customer decisions such as processor type and memory amount will determine whether a laptop is merely a basic word processor or a multimedia powerhouse. The C600 motherboard offers a decent amount of latitude.

Core Components

The C600 motherboard offers the choice between Intel's Celeron or Pentium III processors. There are two slots for memory expansion (using PC100 SODIMM memory), and a 2.5 inch hard drive connector. There also is a connector for a CD or DVD drive.

Multimedia Components

The C600 motherboard has a 16-bit sound controller and two speaker connections. A graphics chip provides video with 8 megabytes of memory. The motherboard has a connector for the laptop's LCD screen, and a video-out port for external displays.

Input/Output Ports

The rear panel of the motherboard has connectors for serial and parallel cables, ports for USB and video-out, and a PS/2 plug-in for a keyboard or mouse. The right side panel has an S-Video port and jacks for modem, network, microphone and headphone plugs.

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