Friday, 12 December 2014

Install A Socket 775 Cpu

The Intel socket 775 processor is an innovative CPU. Not only does it reduce the complexity of the whole processor, the cost of manufacturing has also come down. The biggest plus point by far has been the removal of delicate pins. This has reduced manufacturing losses and customer dissatisfaction. However, installing the new 775 processor is not that simple. It is a somewhat delicate job that needs careful adherence to guidelines.


1. Place your Intel motherboard on a clean desk.

2. Locate the old chip at the center of the motherboard (it's flat and placed right at the center of the motherboard). At the upper end of this chip, there is a wire lever. Pull this lever down, then outward and up to release the load plate.

3. Find the small gold- or silver-colored metal clip at the right-hand side of the load plate. Push it down gently (keeping in mind not to damage the pins underneath it). This will free the load plate and expose the pins and the socket underneath. Remove the old chip by gently lifting it up.

4. Hold the edges of the new chip with your fingertips. You will see two semicircles at either end of the processor. Use these semicircles as pointers to fit in your new chip back into the socket you had opened earlier. The semicircles will fit exactly into the socket, signifying that the chip is held properly.

5. Push the load plate back into place gently. Push the lever down and inward to clasp it again. This will lock the load plate into place.

6. Put the lever back in its place and the protective plastic cover of the processor chip will pop out. If it does not, use you fingers to slide it to one side. With this, you have successfully completed the task.

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