Thursday, 4 December 2014

Install Video Cards In Laptops

Installing a video card will require you to dismantle a good portion of the laptop.

Installing a video card in a laptop will require quite a bit of disassembly, depending on the manufacturer and the model. Certain models of laptops do not feature video cards at all and have integrated video on the motherboard. It is important to check your laptop's documentation or manufacturer's support page for information about your video card. Only laptops that feature a slot or port for a video card on the motherboard can have one installed. Laptop architecture can vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. This means that the location of the video card could be different for different laptops. Again, refer to the laptop's documentation to get more information about the specifics of dismantling the computer.


1. Unplug the laptop and remove the battery.

2. Remove the power button board/bezel. This is typically secured with a few screws on the bottom of the laptop.

3. Unscrew any screws on the bottom or top of the laptop that secure the keyboard. Gently lift it out and unplug it if you need to.

4. Unscrew and disconnect the old video card by pulling it straight up. For most models it will be located in the top left, and secured by a couple screws, or no screws at all.

5. Unplug the video cable that connects the laptop's screen to the video card.

6. Plug the video cable into the new video card. Place the new video card into the slot and press down evenly on the port to ensure a proper connection. Reassemble the laptop by working backward through these steps.

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