Thursday, 18 December 2014

Install Sdr Memory On An Asus A7a Motherboard

The Asus A7a contains three slots for SDR memory.

The Asus A7A motherboard is unique because it supports two different types of memory: DDR and SDR. This greatly increases compatibility with memory modules, but it complicates installation for the user. A mistake during installation could cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage, because memory and motherboards are so expensive. You need to understand properly install SDR RAM in the Asus A7A motherboard to avoid this risk.


1. Unplug the power cable leading to the power supply on the back of the computer.

2. Pull away the left side panel on the computer to access the motherboard. Touch an unpainted metal portion of the computer case to discharge static electricity from your body.

3. Insert the SDR memory into one or more of the three SDR slots furthest to the right of the CPU. Pull out the two levers on each side of a slot. Align the two notches on the bottom of the memory module with the corresponding bumps in the slot. Push downward until the memory snaps into place.

The Asus A7A motherboard does not support memory modules with more than 18 memory chips. It supports modules ranging in size from 64 MB to 1 GB for a maximum of 3GB SDR RAM.

4. Replace the side panel and plug the computer back in.

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