Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mount An Atx Power Supply

A basic ATX power supply is used in desktop PCs.

A PC's power supply is a hardware device in the system that converts AC voltage to the DC voltage required by the computer circuitry. There are two main types of power supply: AT (Advance Technology) and ATX (Advance Technology Extended). The main difference between AT and ATX power supplies is that ATX power supplies have connectors that provide power to both the motherboard and the soft switch. Installing a ATX power supply can be time consuming, but it is a easy process.


1. Shut down the computer and open the computer case. Lay the computer on its side and remove the screws from the side panel.

2. Locate and disconnect the old power supply from the motherboard and its components. The power supply is located at the very top of the computer case on the left-hand side. Disconnect the power supply connectors one at a time. If you are unfamiliar with power supply connectors, as you disconnect each one, write down the type of connector and to what component (hard drive, optical drive or video card) it was connected.

3. Remove the four mounting screws that hold the power supply in place.

4. Mount the new power supply in the space and screw it in place.

5. Connect the new power supply to the motherboard and its components. Connect each connector one at a time. If necessary use the information you wrote down earlier to connect the power connectors to the motherboard and other PC components. Use wire ties to tie up any loose wires from the power supply.

6. Turn on the power supply to see if everything is working correctly and that the wires are not hitting any of the fans inside of the computer case.

7. Close the computer case.

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