Monday, 1 December 2014

Install A Video Card In A Compaq

Installing a video card into a Compaq can be done in just a few steps.

Installing a video card in a Compaq computer is a multi-step process that requires some basic computer knowledge. Depending on the model of your Compaq computer, and the type of video card you are installing, the installation may vary slightly. However, regardless of the variables the process is generally the same. As with installing any new hardware, you should adhere to certain precautions such as avoiding static electricity and other electrical dangers.


1. Shut down your computer. Before attempting to install any new hardware it is important that you completely power down the computer. Unplug the power supply cable from the wall to prevent accidental electrocution.

2. Remove static charge. Before touching the fragile components of a computer, you must remove any static charge to prevent electrical damage. You can ground yourself by touching a metal surface before touching the hardware or by using an anti-static wristband which you can purchase at most computer stores.

3. Open the computer case. Unscrew the side panel of your Compaq computer case and slowly slide it open. In some cases, your computer may have levers instead of screws to open it. If you are having problems opening your computer case, refer to your computer manual.

4. Locate the AGP or PCI slot. Depending on your video card model, it may either use an AGP or PCI slot. The safest way to approach this is by checking your video card and computer manuals for clarification. The PCI and AGP slots generally look like a plastic rectangular slot toward the bottom of the motherboard.

5. Insert the video card into the applicable slot on your motherboard. Make sure the card lines up properly and fits into the metal groove on the backside of your computer. Some computer cases will have temporary slot holders that you must remove before you can insert the video card.

6. Close the computer case. Once you have installed the video card into your Compaq computer, you must close the computer case. Screw back on the side cover and reconnect any power cables.

7. Turn on your computer and install the drivers. After manually installing the video card hardware, you will need to install the video card drivers. Most video cards will come with a CD containing the drivers needed. Simply insert the CD and follow the directions to install the drivers. After you install the drivers you may need to reboot the computer for the installation to be completed.

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