Monday, 8 December 2014

Mount A Computer Motherboard Standoff Hole Types

Motherboards sit on and are screwed into standoffs.

Computer motherboards mount onto small metal brackets called standoffs that screw into the computer case. The motherboard sits on top of them to keep the board from short circuiting by touching the metal case. The standoffs fit into pre-made holes on the case. You must match the holes in your case with the holes in your board. The case will have extra holes to accommodate different sizes and type of motherboards.


1. Open the computer case by unscrewing the access door from the back of the case. Hold the motherboard inside the case and fit the back of the motherboard where the ports are.

2. Note where the holes in the board match the holes in the case. Take the motherboard out and screw the offsets in each hole on the case where there was a match.

3. Lay the motherboard on top of the standoffs. Screw matching screws through the screw holes in the motherboard and into the offsets until each one is tight.

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