Friday, 5 December 2014

Remove A Motherboard From The Dell Xps 600

A Dell XPS computer.

The XPS series of Dell computers are meant for advanced gaming applications with 3D graphics. If the motherboard in your Dell XPS 600 computer goes out, you won't be able to play any games however, as the system will not boot up at all. Replacing the motherboard is a lengthy and tedious process because you must first remove nearly every other part inside the computer. If you have an open afternoon on your hands, the motherboard can be replaced by nearly any computer user without any special tools or training.


1. Shut down the Dell XPS 600 computer system. Disconnect all of the cables from the back of the computer's case. Lay the XPS 600 on its side.

2. Slide the cover release latch at the back of the case upwards. Lift the side panel upwards and lift it off the computer case.

3. Disconnect all of the cables running from the power supply, hard drive, DVD drive and processor fan to the motherboard. Locate the memory modules above the processor.

4. Push down the plastic clips located on either side of the two memory modules. Pull the memory modules upwards and set them aside.

5. Pull back the metal clamp holding down the processor fan. Lift the fan off the heat sink and set it aside. Grab the sides of the heat sink and lift it off the processor. Push down the socket release lever below the processor.

6. Lift the processor directly upwards and remove it from the motherboard. Locate the PCI express card at the lower-left corner of the motherboard. Lift the card upwards and set it outside the case.

7. Remove the screw at the bottom of the motherboard. Pull back the two tabs on either side of the screw. Lift the motherboard out of the computer case.

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