Monday, 15 December 2014

The Specifications Of A Foxconn 45cmxv

The Foxconn 45CMX supports up to eight USB ports.

The FoxConn 45CMX is a motherboard aimed at Intel-based PCs. It has the popular LGA 775 socket which means that it is compatible with a broad range of Intel processors, from low-end Celerons all of the way up to high-speed dual-core Core 2 Duo chips. It also includes a broad range of internal and external expansion options, as well as an industry-standard Micro ATX form factor, giving computer builders an extremely flexible platform.

CPU & RAM Compatibility

The LGA 775 socket on this motherboard accepts 775-pin Intel CPUs including both regular and "D" variants of the Celeron chip as well as four different Pentium chip designs--4, D, Dual Core and Core 2 Duo. It supports front side bus speeds of 533, 800, 1066 and, through overclocking, 1333 megahertz. Its two DDR2 RAM slots support DIMM speeds ranging from 400 to 667 megahertz and capacities as large a 2 gigabytes per DIMM.

On-Board Functionality

Foxconn built the 45CMX around Intel's 945GC chipset with integrated video. The motherboard also includes Realtek chips to support both 5.1 channel audio and ten and 100 megabit per second Ethernet.

Internal Expansion

The 45CMX-V includes four expansion slots, two of which are PCI compatible, one of which is PCI-Express x1 compatible and one which is PCIe x16. It also supports both serial ATA and IDE drive connections with four of the former and one of the latter on board. Foxconn also included two USB headers, each of which can support two ports, a connection for an IRDA infrared emitter/receiver, and a floppy drive connection.

External Expansion

Although the Foxconn 45CMX's back panel lacks some of the newest connections, such as eSATA and HDMI, it nevertheless offers a mixture of current and legacy ports. It features three audio output jacks, supporting all 5.1 channels, four USB 2.0 ports, an RJ45 network port and a standard 15-pin VGA port. For legacy devices, Foxconn equipped this motherboard with a parallel port, serial port and even two PS/2 ports for a keyboard and mouse.

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