Thursday, 25 December 2014

Upgrade Your Psp Firmware

Upgrading your PSP's firmware is important for keeping your unit up to date with the latest drivers, applications and so on. Every so often, Sony releases a firmware upgrade exclusively for the PSP, but it is your job to upgrade your device. There are two ways you can accomplish this: through direct download to the PSP via a wireless Internet connection or through PC download. I will go over both methods for upgrade your PSP firmware.


Upgrading Your PSP Firmware Using WiFi

1. On the lower left-hand side of your PSP, you will notice a little silver slider. Slide the switch up and this will turn on the WiFi feature on the PSP. Of course, you do need a home WiFi setup for this to work. Your battery also needs to be full. Even if your battery is low and your unit is plugged in to an outlet, the firmware upgrade may not work.

2. With a fully charged device, go to your PSP's home screen and choose "Network Update."

3. This screen will ask you for your WLAN settings. Choose "Scan" and let the PSP detect the network automatically. Choose the right one and keep all of your settings in the default stage. Press the "X" button and the PSP will save the configuration as your new access profile.

4. Choose it again and when your PSP connects to the network, and if there is an update available, you will automaically see the following message: "Network Update has found a later version. To download, insert a Memory Stick with at least 14MB of free space and press the X button."

5. Press the "X" button and you should see the message: "Downloading." IMPORTANT - Do not turn off your PSP or remove the memory card during this time!

6. When the download is finished, you will see the following message: "Download completed. The update is now available on your Memory Stick. To install now, press the x button. To install later, go to [Game]." Press the "X" button to install the new firmware. You may see a few other screens detailing new features to be included in the upgrade, but eventually you will see "Installing."

7. During the installation, again, do not turn it off or remove the memory card. Once installation is finished, the PSP will tell you to press "X" to restart the PSP. When it powers back up, the new firmware will be in place.

Upgrading Your PSP Firmware Using PC Download

8. For those without a wireless network in their homes, you can still upgrade your PSP's firmware by downloading it directly to your PC. Your first step will be to go to the PSP upgrade website at

9. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and agree to the terms of the upgrade.

10. A box will pop up asking you to save the file. Save it to your desktop.

11. Next, connect your PSP to your PC using the USB cord. The PC should recognize the PSP automatically and label it as a "Removable Disk." Double-click your mouse on the Removable Disk icon.

12. You should now see a folder named "PSP." Double-click on it. Now, you should see a folder named "Games." Double-click on it.

13. Create a new folder on this screen by clicking "File" then "New" and then "Folder." Name the new folder "Update." Then double click on the "Update" folder icon.

14. Now, just click and drag the file on your desktop and place it inside the "Update" folder. Once the file is fully transferred, disconnect the PSP from the PC. Navigate on your HOME screen to the GAMES section. Here, you should see "PSP Update ver. X.XX" (whatever version it is). Choose the update and press the "X" button to begin.

15. Next, it will ask you "Start." Go ahead and click on Start. You may have to agree to another user agreement and ten the installation starts. Again--full battery and no touching until complete! Once the installation is finished, restart the PSP and that is all there is to it. You will now have the latest firmware on your PSP!

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