Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Flash A Phoenix Bios

The BIOS lives on a computer's motherboard and can be updated.

The Phoenix BIOS was developed by a company called Phoenix Technologies. Phoenix Technologies provides BIOS software to various computer manufacturers who can then customize the BIOS to their own specifications. Updates to a Phoenix BIOS can be obtained from the computer manufacturer by visiting the company's website. Once an update has been downloaded, the BIOS needs to be flashed to install the new version.


1. Download the BIOS update from the manufacturer of the computer. Most computer manufacturers have a drivers and updates section on their website. You'll find the BIOS updates there if one is available. Depending on the type of computer, the BIOS file can be downloaded directly to the hard drive or saved on a USB flash drive or external media.

2. You can use a bootable CD or DVD disc to install the new BIOS. Copy the BIOS files to the disc and then restart the computer and boot from the disc. The system will load the disc and either display a program or run the flash update automatically.

3. You can also flash the BIOS from a USB storage device. Copy the BIOS update to the USB device and then change the computer's boot order. Go into the BIOS by pressing the "F2" key when the computer starts up. Change the boot order of the system to start with the USB device.

4. Run the BIOS update file directly from the computer. Many computer manufacturers use a single executable file that will restart the computer and load the BIOS update. Double-click on the downloaded BIOS update file to begin the updating process.

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