Monday, 22 December 2014

Install A Micro Atx Motherboard

Installing a motherboard is quite possibly one of the most important computer installations a computer owner can have knowledge of. Micro ATX motherboards are a form factor motherboard designed for small footprints over raw system performance. Despite the importance of the computer motherboard and its installation, it is surprisingly easy to install one with little or no experience in just a few minutes.


1. Screw the riser pins that came with the motherboard into the computer case. There will be predrilled holes in the computer case for these pins, and the motherboard will detail which holes need riser pins. Though Micro ATX follows a form factor, not all mounting pins are always used by a motherboard, and, as such, one should refer to the documentation to ensure that she is installing risers in the right position.

2. Take the "back plate" for the motherboard and press it firmly into the back face of the case. This back plate provides apertures for the computer's I/O components, such as USB, mouse and keyboard connectors. The back plate will come with the motherboard and fit into the rectangular hole in the back of the computer case snugly.

3. Lay the motherboard inside the case, taking care to align the mounting holes on the motherboard with the previously installed riser pins.

4. Insert and tighten one screw per riser pin. The screws will screw into the riser pins, providing a secure mounting for the motherboard, while separating it from the metal mounting plate. When tightening these screws, it is important to make sure they are tight enough to hold the motherboard in place without being so tight as to put undue stress on the motherboard.

5. Connect the computer case's power, reset and hard drive connectors to their respective power pins on the motherboard. These pins are labeled for easy identification and are found near the bottom-right corner of the motherboard.

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