Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Find The Socket Size Of A Motherboard

Find the Socket Size of a Motherboard

Knowing what kind of socket your motherboard uses is essential information for building or repairing a motherboard. Many sockets look the same, but in fact, they can be completely different processors. For example, AMD's Phenom quad core processors are nearly the same size as Intel's Core 2 Quad quad core processors. However, running a AMD processor, no matter what core it is, with an Intel motherboard, will not work.


1. Find the original packaging of your motherboard. The type of socket the motherboard supports will usually be on the top cover of the box.

2. Locate the manual for your motherboard. In the first few pages of the manual, all the parts that are compatible with the motherboard are listed, including the processor type. If the compatibility page is not on the first few pages of the manual, look for it in the table of contents.

3. Go to the motherboard manufacturer's site and type in the model number of your motherboard to locate the specifications. Type in the model number of your motherboard to a search engine on the Internet to find more information about the socket type if the manufacturer's website does not say anything about the socket types.

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