Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Keep Your Acer Laptop From Overheating

If you own an Acer 5670 laptop, the most common problem reported with this particular model is overheating. This especially becomes a problem when reformatting or attempting to run intensive programs and games.

*Complete this repair at your own risk. Not responsible for damaged hardware or injury.


1. Make sure the laptop is turned off and unplugged. Flip it over and unscrew the panel with ventilation openings. This is also the panel with several of your specs stickers.

2. You'll immediately see the problem on the panel you just removed. For whatever reason, the manufacturer chooses to place a piece of adhesive over the vent during assembly. Simply pull the adhesive off. This is what causes Acer users countless hours of grief, and it's such a simple issue to fix, but most people don't recognize what the issue is. I owned my laptop for two years before I discovered this little secret.

3. Replace the panel onto the laptop and screw it firmly back in place. Your overheating problems are over!

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