Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Replace An Led With A Fan

Computer fans help promote airflow, and some have attractive LED lights.

Your computer's case promotes airflow through cooling fans mounted on its edges. Case fans not only provide rapid air ventilation but also pleasing aesthetics, with LED lights to illuminate their interiors or exteriors. If you want to replace these LED fans with standard fans, you must measure your old fan's dimensions to be certain you purchase the correct size.


1. Turn your computer around with the back side facing in your direction and remove the cables from its rear.

2. Remove the two or three screws attached to the right edge of the computer and pull back on the right side cover. Lift it off to expose the interior.

3. Use a measuring tape to measure the size of your fan in millimeters from the top to bottom edges. Round off the result to the nearest 10. If you get 122 mm, for example, you should get a 120-mm fan.

4. Remove the screws attaching the LED fan to your computer and lift the fan off. Disconnect its Molex cable from the computer.

5. Attach your new fan with the screws from the old fan if your new fan did not come with screws. Connect its Molex connector to the cable to which the older fan was connected.

6. Reassemble your computer and connect the cables to it. Turn it on after you finish.

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