Friday, 26 June 2015

Replace A Pentium 4 With Dualcore Processor

You may have to remove your motherboard to install a new heat sink.

Multi-core CPUs can process multiple strands of data simultaneously. This is an attractive reason to upgrade from a single-core processor, such as a Pentium 4 to a dual-core processor. There are no particular restrictions that keep a dual-core processor from being used on a motherboard that previously had a single-core processor installed, but you do have to ensure that your motherboard and new CPU are compatible. Important things to check are the socket type, bus speed and CPU clock speeds that the motherboard can support.



1. Shut down your computer and remove all external wires and connections.

2. Open the computer case. This is often done by loosening a few screws at the rear of the case and removing one side panel.

3. Remove the motherboard if you'll need access to the underside of the motherboard, or if you need more space to access the processor. The motherboard screws into a metal plate on the case, but sometimes the metal plate and motherboard must be removed as a single unit.


4. Remove the heat sink by unscrewing it or unlatching it, depending on its particular securing mechanism.

5. Remove the Pentium 4 CPU by flipping the lever on the side of the socket and pulling the CPU straight up and out of the socket.

6. Align the new dual-core CPU with the socket and insert it completely into the socket, then secure the CPU with the lever on the side of the socket.

7. Apply thermal grease to the top of the new CPU. The thermal grease should be supplied with your new CPU.

8. Press the heat sink down onto the CPU. If you use the same heat sink, it will attach the same way it was removed, but you may have to install a new latching mechanism if you are using a new heat sink.


9. Reinstall the motherboard into the computer case if you had to remove it. Reconnect any cables and components that may have been disconnected to remove the motherboard.

10. Close the computer case.

11. Plug all the external cables back into the computer and turn it on.

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