Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Install The Xecuter Xenon Jtag Kit 5

If any problem occurs with your installation, double-check your XELL installation and the strength of your soldering.

The Xecuter Xenon JTAG Kit 5 can be installed on both Xenon and non-Xenon motherboards. Installing a JTAG kit of any sort should never be attempted by a beginner; the level of soldering skill and delicacy involve require a light touch and familiarity with the materials. If you're a beginner wishing to install a JTAG kit, consider practicing on old or burned-out motherboards. To complete the project successfully, you should be familiar with booting and operating XELL, setting switch resistor levels, using flux to solder wires and diodes, and writing NANDs.


1. Remove the motherboard from the XBOX.

2. Confirm that the BAT41 diodes are enabled.

3. Turn Switch 330/470--Jumper 330 to resistor level 330. Turn Jumper 470 to resistor level 470.

4. Hot glue the JTAG chip and pop into place, south of the large black XBOX chipset and directly adjacent to the TPCB.

5. Trim the diode--the long, exposed wire which projects from the red cable--to size, and set it into place between the cap and MOSFET. The wire should rest easily over DBF1. Clean the entry point well.

6. Apply a generous amount of flux to the diode and begin soldering it into place. Always flux and solder the attachment point before soldering the diode for the best result.

7. Solder the far end of the red wire into port DB1F1.

8. Follow the same procedure to solder one end of the yellow wire into the JTAG port, and the other end behind the ROL panel into C49.

9. Plug in the XBOX power cable, but don't turn the machine on.

10. Upload XELL and run the install for the NAND-X as specified in the literature included with the purchased part.

11. Look at differences in fuseset 03 and 05 when the XELL upload is completed, and record these new CPU keys to be saved with other important information regarding your machine.

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