Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Pga Rules & Regulations

The PGA is the governing body of professional golf. Their rules and regulations must be adhered to before a golfer can play golf on the tour or any PGA-affiliated event. Failure to adhere to the rules could cost a player money or disqualification from the tour or event.

Regulation Clubs

Depending on the PGA event, golf clubs must meet a certain requirement with head weight.

Drug Tests

Golfers must be drug-free or free from performance-enhancing drugs. Drug tests are administered to golfers on a random basis.

Appropriate Behavior

Throwing clubs and other inappropriate behavior on the golf course is cause for banning a golfer from the course or tour.

Regulation Balls

Regulation golf balls are needed so the player doesn't get an advantage over another player by using a lighter ball.

Making the Cuts

Depending on the event being played, a player must be under the cut number provided by the event leader. Failure to do so will cause the player to be left out of the final rounds of play.

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