Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Repair A Fujitsu Laptop C2310 Motherboard

Fujitsu C2310 laptop is a portable computer used for people who travel. It can be used for business or personal productivity. When you need to replace a laptop's motherboard, you must remove the back cover and remove the motherboard. Replacing the laptop's motherboard fixes any issue that stems from a bad motherboard. Bad motherboard issues include a computer that won't boot, that overheats or that won't power up.


1. Remove the screws on the bottom of the laptop. When you remove the screws, the back cover loosens and you can lift the bottom part of the laptop off the case.

2. Remove all drives from the motherboard. The drives are on the right side of the laptop. Remove the cables that connect the drive to the motherboard, then remove the drives and set them aside.

3. Remove the memory and expansion cards in the center of the board. These parts snap out of the slots. After the expansion cards are removed, use the screwdriver to remove the four screws in the four corners of the motherboard. Now you can remove the motherboard from the laptop case.

4. Place the replacement motherboard in the same position as the old motherboard. Use the screws to connect it to the laptop case. After the motherboard is screwed into the case, add the expansion cards, memory and drives back to the devices' location from which you removed them.

5. Place the cover back on the case and screw in the screws that held the laptop case together. Power the laptop on to test the new replacement board.

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