Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Install A New Motherboard On An Hp Pavilion Dv2125nr Notebook Pc

You'll need to take out your tools to install a new motherboard.

Your notebook computer's hard drive, memory and other components all interface directly with the internal motherboard. The ports on your motherboard control what types of hardware are available to be installed in the laptop, such as additional RAM or a new processor. You can install a new component by taking out the existing motherboard in an HP Pavilion DV2125NR, but you must remove almost every part inside the notebook first.


1. Unplug the notebook's power cable if it is connected, then shut down the operating system. Push down the LCD lid and flip the notebook upside-down.

2. Press the notched black battery latch and push it over toward the left. Pull out the battery and place it aside in a safe location. Remove the two screws in the upper-right corner of the hard drive cover.

3. Lift the black hard drive cover off the notebook's case. Remove the two screws holding the metal rectangular hard drive in place. Push aside the holding tabs on the sides of the hard drive. Use the edge of a flat-head screwdriver to push the tabs if you have trouble moving them with your finger.

4. Pull the hard drive out of the HP notebook. Remove the two screws on the memory cover to the left of the empty hard drive port. Lift the black memory cover off of the notebook.

5. Push over the plastic side latches on either edge of the exposed green memory component. Pull the memory component out of the notebook and set it aside. Find the square wireless card below the memory component.

6. Lift the two cables from the bottom of the wireless card with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Push over the plastic side latches and slide the card out of the notebook.

7. Locate the optical drive screw at the left edge of the notebook. Remove the screw and grab the end of the drive. Slide the drive completely out of the notebook's casing. Remove the six screws at the lower-left edge of the case and pull off the plastic cover.

8. Remove the four Phillips screws holding the exposed metal heat sink and plastic fan to the motherboard. Pull the heat sink and fan upward and set them aside. Insert the edge of a flat-head screwdriver into the locking screw at the bottom edge of the square processor.

9. Unlock the processor by turning the screw counterclockwise. Pull up the processor and set it outside the notebook. Remove the three keyboard locking strip screws at the bottom of the notebook and turn the entire notebook over.

10. Open the LCD screen lid. Wedge the end of your flat-head screwdriver underneath the locking strip above the notebook's keyboard. Lift the strip off the notebook.

11. Locate the four screws positioned at the top of the keyboard and remove them with the Phillips screwdriver. Pull the entire keyboard toward you and disconnect the cable at the bottom edge. Remove the keyboard to reveal the motherboard.

12. Disconnect the speaker cable at the bottom of the motherboard and remove the screw holding the speaker in place. Lift the speaker off the motherboard. Remove the two screws holding the touch pad to the notebook and remove the touch pad.

13. Remove the four screws at the corners of the motherboard. Lift the left end of the motherboard upward at an angle and remove the motherboard from the notebook. Slide the new motherboard into the notebook case and reassemble each of the components removed earlier in reverse order.

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