Thursday, 25 June 2015

Install A Sound System On My Computer

A simple two-channel speaker system comes with speakers and the wires to connect them to each other and the computer.

A sound system brings your computer to life, especially if you use multimedia applications on it. The more channels your system has, the more thrilling the sound becomes. However, after the excitement of getting a sound system wears off, you might get frustrated when you realize you don't know exactly install it. Sometimes, you might not even have a sound card installed that is fully compatible with your system. Either way, you can resolve both situations by connecting a few wires.


1. Shut down your computer.

2. Connect your speaker system to an electrical outlet if it has a power cable.

3. Multichannel systems are often slightly more complex than two-channel systems.

Connect the speaker without the power cable to the other speaker, if you have a two-channel system. If you have a multichannel system, connect the speakers to the subwoofer according to the arrangement you desire. For example, the left-forward speaker must go in the input labeled "FL," "Front Left" or "Left Forward" in the subwoofer. Subwoofers have large air holes in them and usually are the largest devices in their respective sound systems.

4. Connect the speaker cable to the "Line-Out" audio connector in the back of your computer (usually colored green), if you have only one audio cable. If you have multiple audio cables, connect them each to their respective colored connectors.

5. Start your computer and try playing a sound through it.

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